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The Stellar hook lift trucks, a truck for every job

The Stellar Slider Series Hook lift is a body handling system. It is mounted on a chassis capable of loading, unloading, and dumping various type of bodies. It works with a wide range of lengths with the use of a hexagonal sliding jib.

hooklift truck

Now with hydraulic adjustable hook heights, the Stellar Slider Series will handle 35.63″ (905 mm) to 61.75″ (1568mm) hook height bodies. It allow you to accommodate capacities up to 65,000 pounds (15,422kg).

The Stellar Slider series hooklift truck is known for its versatile design and ease of operation. All models of the Stellar Slider, feature permanently lubricated, and greaseable bushings used throughout, the Stellar patented dump/load interlock system, and an efficient low flow/high pressure hydraulic system.

Stellar Slider hook lift provide a full-length dump frame and rollers positioned throughout the loader, instead of saddles with wear pads. All Stellar hooklifts operate using in-cab controls. This allows for precise metering of the manual hydraulic valve while offering a clear and safe view of the operation through the rear window.

  1. The Slider will accommodate various length bodies and still attain the maximum rated dump angle.

  2. Standard in-cab cable controls which allow for precise feathering.

  3. Mechanical rear body tie-down system will match a multitude of different latch configurations.

  4. All this makes our roll off trucks, the best fit for your business needs

Contact us to help you get the right truck solution.

isuzu N-Series hooklift truck


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