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Service truck accessories for every duty.

At BABCO we stock full line of service truck accessories that are the most dependable, most rugged and trouble-free products available in the market today. These accessories are built to the highest standards demanded: Tool box systems, Air compressors, Power Units and Lube Skids.

Tool box systems Service truck toolbox systems are built extra tough to withstand abuse. We’re so confident in the durability of these drawers that we offer a full lifetime warranty on the slides and hardware. 500 lb. slide sets are used across the entire size range of drawers to insure a solid, durable platform to carry your tools and components. From new easy-to-use pull handles to a range of configurations, American Eagle Drawer Systems have you covered.

truck tool boxes

Features: • All drawer widths in the product line utilize our unique key-locking “T” handle. This feature provides a one-handed operation and conceals the latch mechanism for heavy-duty protection and an attractive appearance. • All the drawer fronts on the assemblies are given a textured gray powder coat finish. • The metal edges of the drawers, and the top shelf, are hemmed for added strength and safety. • The side panels have a standard 2.50” riser built into them with mounting slots pre-punched. • The top shelf is included with all drawer units and is designed to telescope out 5.5” on each side of the drawer set. In most installations, this will provide a full shelf in the body compartment and give solid reinforcement. • The individual drawers are easily removed from the set providing a unique feature that will assist your installation. This feature may also be convenient if you need to move items closer to the job or retrieve a lost tool. • Each drawer in the set is provided with front-to-back dividers and is punched on 2” centers for divider installation. • Drawer systems are custom-made to your specifications. Each drawer system is engineered to fit your truck’s compartment and configured with the drawer sizes that will work best for you.

We have the Heavy-Duty Steel Drawer System, Heavy-Duty Aluminum Drawer System, and the Lightweight Aluminum Drawer System with optional features as custom colors, egg crate dividers, non-slip drawer liner, oil filter/drain drawer, and the drawer light bar.

Air compressors Stellar describes its air compressor line by using words like performance, durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance. By starting with the most durable compressor pumps available, we use state-of-the-art technology to design a complete reliable system.

At TruckMax we can help you select the best fit for your business, either a Single-Stage Piston Air Compressor, Two-Stage Piston Air Compressor, Rotary Screw Air Compressor or an Air Compressor Pump.

Single-Stage Piston Air Compressors: Direct-drive, no belts to break or adjust. Cast iron crankcase and cylinder heads for durability

Two-Stage Piston Air Compressors: Cast-iron, one-piece cylinder and head design – no head gaskets to fail

Rotary Screw Air Compressors: Air on-demand as required. 100% duty cycle rated for continuous use

Air Compressor Pumps: Single-stage air compressor pumps.

service truck pumps, compressors and power units

Power Units From integrated power systems to the revolutionary 100% emission-free Hybrid Power Source, Stellar has everything you need to power productivity.

American Eagle® Hybrid Power Source, the FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE SERVICE TRUCK


With an automotive-grade Li-NMC battery, the HPS provides a 100% emission-free low voltage power source to operate your hydraulic needs. The integrated, dual hydraulic power unit will supply hours of quiet operation on a single charge. Nonetheless, if the batteries reach a need for charging while on the job site the system is equipped with a 48V alternator on the chassis to provide rapid recharge on the go.

EnPak® Power System A revolutionary, fully integrated power system for work trucks. EnPak combines a rotary-screw air compressor, hydraulic pump, generator, and diesel engine.

EnPak power unit

EnPak® equipment is the exact match for mechanic service companies looking to take idle time off their trucks and insist on the most trusted and highest quality products. These all-in-one equipment options can be integrated into their fleet to deliver more capabilities in service truck configurations Class 3 and over.

service truck accessories

Some of the available features depending on the power source type are: Air compressor, Generator power, Battery charge/crank assist, Hydraulic pump, Welder with multi-process capabilities, Chassis power, Auto-Speed™ technology, Auto start/stop, Turbocharged engine, CAN bus connectivity, and/or Remote panels.

Lube Skids

lube skids

Turn your service truck into a lube truck with a LubeMate® Lube Skid. Offering mobile or permanent-mount lube skids or a custom lube trailer, reduces costly downtime by servicing equipment according to maintenance schedules without the need for a dedicated lube truck. All units come complete with hardware to mount and plumb.

lube skid types

If you are looking to upgrade your utility truck with any service-designed accessories, to meet the highest working standards, do not hesitate to contact us.


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