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Built to work. Built to last.

Our heavy-duty PL-HD platform body is made with the most strongest, most durable materials on the market. Getting the job done is made even easier by our best-in-class features.


Specs & Features:

Lengths: 12', 14', 16', 18', 20', 22', 24'
Headache Rack: Formed Bulkhead with Punched Grill
Deck: 3/16" Treadplate
Frame Rails: 8" Channel Steel
Crossmembers: 4" Channel Steel 12" O.C.
Rear Skirt: N/A
GN Hitch: N/A
BP Hitch: ICC optional
Marker Lighting: Bullet DOT Approved LED

14' CM PL-HD Steel Heavy Duty Platform Body

  • Flatbed

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